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External validation of the primary pontine hemorrage (PPH) score: A Predictor of mortality for primary pontine hemorrage.


Monica Hazel C. Ang,
Cyrus G. Escabillas,
Jose  C. Navarro

Related Institution

Department of Neurology - Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Publication Information

Publication Type
Research Report


Primary pontine hemorrhage (PPH) has a high mortality among the subtypes of intracerebral hemorrhage.  This study aimed to validate a PPH scoring for predicting 30-day mortality in patients with PPH.  A retrospective char review was done in patients diagnosed with primary PPH in a tertiary hospital from 2010-2015.  Variables from those patients were assessed as independent factors associated with 30-day mortality and their corresponding PPH scores were presented as area under the curve of the receiver operating characteristic.  The GCS, SBP, glucose level, pupillary light reflex, maximum diameter of hematoma, and presence of intraventricular hemorrhage were independed factors associated with 30-day mortality.  The AUC was lover (0.78), but percentage mortalities, had a similarly increasing trend.  The PPH scoring is an easier prognostic tool for PPH mortality, however, additional validation studies are warranted.


This study aims to assess the novel PPH scoring system in predicting the 30-day mortality in a patient with primary pontine hemorrhage through external validation.


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